About SED


Stamina, Endurance and Dedicated, the source where SED comes up, also is SED’s mindset.

SED started its business in 2010 with various of knives. With the elites working in engineering, market & sales, finance, QC and HR departments and our owned 4 factories, through our painstaking efforts, SED has supplied the products below to the market to over 20 countries in North America, Europe, East Asia, and Middle East.

  • Light rare earth metals and alloys
  • Ferrocerium rods, irregular shaped ferrocerium parts, and replacement flints for disposable lighters
  • Survival fire starters and survival gears
  • Maintenance and replacement of expendable equipment components related to steel
  • Folding knives and multi-function tools 

Deeply understanding customers’ needs, SED arranges professional teams for every order-related operation link, sets up a high effective business flow and management system, which specialized and far-sighted controlling system enables us to meet not only customers’ explicit requirements but also the implicit ones.




Sensitive to the trend of markets and products, SED always keeps vigorous business stamina.

Every year, through the attendance at professional industry exhibitions, SED gets to know what customers need and how latest products develop. At the same time, through detailed and interactive regular communication with existing customers, SED gets high-value information guiding product R&D.

Detailed internal analysis helps us to set the goal of next step, while annual and quarterly examination checks how the goals are fulfilled.

The measures above make sure that in SED, stamina is not only an object but also a series of concrete actions.




Endurance is an attitude, attitude decides all.

we are forever in putting 100% professional capability and engrossment. We concentrate vigorous energy to every business, embodying our value through professionality and dedication.

All the SED members are doing their each job perseverantly and conducting each operation link enduringly. We respect and appreciate every employee, deeply knowing that the success of an enterprise is based on that of its entire staff.

We offer adequate training for every SED man, trying to gain a total knowledge of their personality and specialty so as to give full play to their enthusiasm and professional skills. Driven by the idea of serving customers, we are constantly improving ourselves to make customers satisfied.




SED believes in:

Dedication derives from professionality!

● When it comes to products, we dedicate ourselves to technical development and support.

● When it comes to services, we devote ourselves to the prediction and analysis of customer requirements and the realization of our values through orderly and planned work.

● When it comes to value creation, we absorb ourselves to the guarantee of customers’ interests to the largest extent.

What we seek is not short-time benefit, but sustainable cooperation in the long run.