In 2012 SED TECHNOLOGY (QINGDAO ) CO.,LTD was founded in Qingdao China. Stamina, Endurance and Dedicated, the mindset of the three investors, also the source where SED came from.

With the elites working in engineering, market & sales, finance, QC and HR departments and our owned 4 factories, through our painstaking efforts, SED TECHNOLOGY has supplied the products below to the market to 14 countries in North America, Europe, East Asia, and Middle East.

Product range:

  • Light rare earth metals and alloys
  • Ferrocerium rods, irregular shaped ferrocerium parts, and replacement flints for disposable lighters
  • Survival fire starters and survival gears
  • Maintenance and replacement of expendable equipment components in metallurgy industry
  • Folding knives and multi-function tools 



Sensitive to the trend of markets and products, SED TECHNOLOGY always keeps vigorous business stamina.

Detailed internal analysis helps us to set the goal of next step, while annual and quarterly examination checks how the goals are fulfilled.

The measures above make sure that in SED TECHNOLOGY, stamina is not only an object but also a series of concrete actions.



Endurance is an attitude, attitude decides all.

we are forever in putting 100% professional capability and engrossment. We concentrate vigorous energy to every business, embodying our value through professionality and dedication.

All the SED members are doing their each job perseverantly and conducting each operation link enduringly. We respect and appreciate every employee, deeply knowing that the success of an enterprise is based on that of its entire staff.



SED TECHNOLOGY believes in:

Dedication derives from professionality!

● When it comes to products, we dedicate ourselves to technical development and support.

● When it comes to services, we devote ourselves to the prediction and analysis of customer requirements and the realization of our values through orderly and planned work.

● When it comes to value creation, we absorb ourselves to the guarantee of customers’ interests to the largest extent.





The company SED TRADING was changed into SED TECHNOLOGY, it represents flourishing SED has accomplished its strategy upgrade, unfolding research and technology development.

2018  Expanding REM supplies
Sales of REM grew quickly in 2018, over 150 tons of high quality REM were shipped to the customers from Korea, Canada, German, and Middle East, SED’s reliability was spread by existing reputed customers.

2016  FERROFIRE brand
FERROFIRE was registered by USPTO, FERROFIRE brand covers SED’s ferrocerium rods, fire starters, scrapers.

2015  Development & Improvement
SED has transformed from a simple import & export enterprise into one providing all-round trade services, technological development and technical support included.

2014  Investment, Strategic and Combination
SED has become a shareholder of a professional flint manufacturer, built strategic combination with a rare earth smelting enterprise.

2013  Witness of The Rapid Grown
In terms of outdoor sport articles, a series of equipment like survival kits, fishing accessories and camping gear were added to the scope;
In terms of kitchen knives, the sales volume of enduring steel and pottery kitchen knives, which were highly praised by Russian customers in particular, grew dramatically.

2012  Accumulation
At the beginning of establishment, SED built a solid cooperative relationship with manufacturers in Yangjiang, Guangdong, which specialize in providing OEM articles for world-famous brands for many years.