Fast Facts


2017-2018  EXPANDING

Sales of REM grew quickly in this year, tons of high quality REM were shipped to the customers from Korea, Canada, German, and Middle East, SED’s reliability was spread by existing reputed customers.

On the production control, regardless of the increasing cost of raw material we supplied stable prices to priority customers with continuously cost down activities.

Thanks to skilled operators in the workshops we made all orders fulfilled timely. FERROFIRE team worked hard for producing with high efficiency by optimizing the flow of production.

More customers/brand owners of survival gear started to use FERROFIRE® ferro rods for they found a cheaper but excellent source to make their tools have more advantages than before.


2016  year of ferrofire brand

FERROFIRE was registered by USPTO, FERROFIRE brand covers SED’s ferrocerium rods, fire starters, scrapers. With market planning of this year, FERROFIRE becomes stable, high-performanced in customers’ eyes. Meanwhile, SED’s design team is outputting ingenious and crafty starters, added to premium ferrocerium rod quality, the multi-functional fire starters will be on market in 2017 soon.



After many years’ rapid development and business accumulation, SED has transformed from a simple import & export enterprise into one providing all-round trade services, technological development and technical support included. Meanwhile, thanks to the tenacious work of our team, the strong cohesion and professional experience the team obtained are enabling SED to do better for its industry.

SED will develop more competitive products to match the demands from world famous brand holders in outdoor products as well as provide existing customers with good service continuously. What value we are will be top quality and top service in future, and more benefit margin to our customers!



SED has become a shareholder of a professional flint manufacturer, built strategic combination with a rare earth smelting enterprise. Besides optimized the internal management of the 2 factories, SED dedicated in developing international market.

Our self-developed and independently-processed ferrocerium rod/starter rapidly possessed huge market competitiveness for its novelty in style, excellence in quality.

The exportation volume of rare earth metals, rare earth oxides, rare earth mischmetals has rapidly increased, which are relied on by the customers in the fields of permanent magnets, metal alloys, glass polishing, glass additives, catalysts, phosphors and ceramics making.



In terms of outdoor sport articles, a series of equipment like survival kits, fishing accessories and camping gear were added to the scope;
In terms of kitchen knives, the sales volume of enduring steel and pottery kitchen knives, which were highly praised by Russian customers in particular, grew dramatically.

It’s worth mentioning that also in this year, lots of trade and technique elite joined SED, bringing the company abundant human resources needed for a sustainable and fast development.



At the beginning of establishment, SED built a solid cooperative relationship with manufacturers in Yangjiang, Guangdong, which specialize in providing OEM articles for world-famous brands for many years. SED’s professional marketing, together with the manufacturer’s consummate techniques and super capability to manufacture and control quality, made the great business breakthrough in the fields of pocket knives, daggers, hunting knives and multi-tools possible in a short time.

By 2012, we had formed a benign and mutual-trust business relationship with many customers in US, Europe, etc.